Updates Regarding Reception…

Dear TDFHT Patients of the Tilbury location,

• We have added an additional Nurse Practitioner to better meet the community’s needs.

• We have expanded our space to accommodate more Providers in the near future.

• We have modified our reception set-up to decrease phone delays and increase efficiency.

• We have improved nursing workflow.

Here are some frequently asked questions you may have about these changes (FAQs):

1. Can I still speak with my receptionist?
No. Our receptionists are no longer working with only one provider. Please know that all receptionists have access to the same information and are well-equipped to assist you.

2. Will I have to repeat my story again to a new receptionist?
No. Receptionists refer to your electronic medical record (EMR) to assist you where charting and notes are available for reference. It is always good practice for receptionists to seek clarity.

3. Will this affect my care?
No. Receptionists are skilled in using EMRs to support you. Our providers leave information for receptionists to relay to patients and tasks to complete such as forms, referrals, letters, etc.

4. Can I get my call answered faster?
Yes. Calling during off-peak hours for non-urgent inquiries between 2pm- 8pm will assist you in getting your call answered faster.

5. Can I still see my own Provider?
Yes. Patients remain rostered to their own Provider. You may see a different provider through urgent care as this is shared among Providers. If you register for online booking, you can easily book appointments with your provider online. Sign up at https://medeohealth.com

6. Can I still book urgent care appointments by phone?
Yes. Urgent appointments are booked by phone. If you register for online booking, you can soon book urgent appointments online. Sign up at https://medeohealth.com

7. Will this affect my prescriptions?
No. Prescription renewals haven’t changed. Please continue to contact your pharmacy 2 weeks prior to needing refills.

8. How can I share my thoughts about these changes?
Provide feedback. Please visit our website: www.tdfht.ca – Contact us – Provide Feedback – Or, ask a team member for a form. Your feedback will be reviewed and responded to, if requested.

As Healthcare needs evolve- so must the TDFHT!

We thank you for your patience as we improve our processes to enhance your experience!