Board of Directors Member Recruitment 2024

Tilbury Family Health Team 16

Board of Directors Member Recruitment 2024


The Tilbury District Family Health Team (TDFHT) is a not-for-profit, interdisciplinary team of caring professionals committed to improving health and well-being of our community through accessible primary health care programs and services. TDFHT partners with numerous agencies to support more than 14,000 rural patients.

The Tilbury District Family Health Team (TDFHT) Board is comprised of between seven and twelve Directors who reside or work in the geographic area served by TDFHT, and support the TDFHT’s mission, values and goals. This is a skill-based Board and, as such, Board Members who are selected will be asked to complete the Board’s required skills matrix. Applications are being accepted from interested members of the community to fill vacancies as they arise.

TDFHT is currently seeking candidates to fill vacancies on the volunteer Board who have the skills and experience in the following.

• Clinical
• Financial Management

Board meetings of the TDFHT Board are held approximately six times a year. Additionally, each Board members must be prepared to actively participate in one or more committees (i.e. Executive, Governance, Resources), review documents prior to meetings, accept assignments and meet completion deadlines, build a congenial working relationship with other members and participate in activities to support and promote TDFHT. Currently all board meetings are being held in a hybrid format and committee meetings are virtual.
Nominations for election as Board Member may be made only in accordance with the following process:
1. The Board shall request written nominations for the vacant Board positions from members of the Board in advance of the annual general meeting, and such nominations must be signed by at least one member (excluding the nominee) of the TDFHT Board in good standing and accompanied by an assurance that the nominee will serve as a Board Member, if elected.
2. In addition, the Board may advertise in the community, asking for interested individuals to submit applications to serve as a Board Member or as a community member of a Committee.
3. The Board Members may also, throughout the year, identify potential candidates for Board Members and determine the willingness of such candidates to serve.
4. The Board will receive and review all nominations made by the members, or applications otherwise received. The Board will approve the candidate list for election as Board Member, as well as the slate of officers, at the last regular meeting of the year prior to the annual meeting.
5. The Board shall ensure that the list of candidates for election as Board Member, together with their qualifications, are made available to the members at the annual meeting.

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Please complete the following application, attach your current CV with a letter stating a specific area of expertise/interest and send to:

Attention: Board Chair
Tilbury District Family Health Team
22 Mill Street West, P.O. Box 760
Tilbury, Ontario N0P 2L0

TEL: (519) 682-9623
FAX: (519) 682-9979


If you prefer to apply electronically, you can complete the online application at and upload your documents.