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Board of Directors

Brenda Schade – Board President
Elise Marentette – Board Past President
Ted Dalios – Secretary
Mat Walsh – Treasurer
Jeff O’Brien
Evan Lowes
Carolyn Nancekivell
Nadia Haddad
Jerome Quenneville
Chris Fife
Mary Williston
Antoinette Duronio

We are recruiting board members!

If you are looking to join our board, please contact us. Once you have been given access, you will be able to login to our board members area.

Clinical Team

Dr. Jean-Marc Beausoleil – Physician Lead
Dr. Kazeem Amoo – Physician
Dr. Osagie Igbinoba – Physician
Dr. Aysha Athar – Physician
Dr. Mark Tomen – Physician
Dr. Basunga B. Limbombe – Physician

Dr. Sameh Gaid – Physician

Jill Best – Nurse Practitioner

Amanda Oliveira – Nurse Practitioner

Erin Hill – Nurse Practitioner Clinical Lead
Monique Fleury – Registered Nurse

Jennifer Andrews – Social Worker – Social Prescribing Link Worker
Shaun Ouellette – Social Worker

Jennifer Williston – Social Worker

Dorothy Pardalis – Pharmacist

Jacqueline Jackson – Chiropodist

Michelle Tetrault – Phlebotomist/Administrative Support

Noura Jabbour – Registered Dietitian

Kevin Barry – Registered Respiratory Therapist

David Haradyn – Registered Kinesiologist
Martha Dyck – Registered Practical Nurse
Brenda Donnelly – Registered Practical Nurse
Kelly Kocela – Registered Practical Nurse
Mckenzie Provost – Registered Practical Nurse
Cayley Morris – Registered Practical Nurse
Nicole Desjardins – Registered Practical Nurse

Stephanie Kroeze – Registered Practical Nurse

Administration Team

Sara Dalo – Executive Director/Denise Waddick (Interim Executive Director)
Amber Nead – Human Resources and Finance Manager
Christine Oriet – Office Coordinator
Charlotte Drewitt – Administrative Support
Tracy Fletcher – Administrative Support
Tracy Fleury – Administrative Support
Sherry Fenner – Administrative Support
Tammy Froud – Administrative Support
Sherrie Marchand – Administrative Support
Laura Nichol – Administrative Support
Deb Ouellette – Administrative Support
Melissa Provost – Administrative Support
Helene Puchnatyj – Administrative Support
Lynne Regnier – Administrative Support

Katina Revell – Administrative Support

Rachael Sales – Digital Health and Data Management Specialist


Family Health Teams are on the cutting edge of primary health care reform. The patient-centered approach, “access to the right care, at the right time, in the right place and by the right health care provider,” to us illustrates several important dimensions of Family Health Teams — accessibility, quality primary health care, a focus on prevention and health promotion, delivered by professionals working as a team to put the individuals and community we serve first.

If you are interested in any of the employment opportunities listed, a student placement or in volunteering at the Tilbury District Family Health Team, please contact us.