Urgent Care

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Urgent Care

Urgent Care Services is by booked appointment only – NO WALK-INS

Urgent care is a service we offer where patients can book an appointment with one of our health care providers for a health concern that requires immediate attention – this could be a sick child, sore throat, earaches, an acute worsening condition and minor injuries.

If you are a patient at our office, you are welcome to call and book an urgent care appointment.

Please keep in mind demand is unpredictable. Wait times will vary, phone the office early as appointments book up quickly.

Urgent care appointments are available daily Monday through Saturday, and also each evening Monday through Thursday.

Please note: Urgent Care is NOT for emergency situations. Emergencies need to be seen in an emergency department at the hospital.

Urgent Care is also NOT for any ongoing concerns. Please book an appointment to see your Physician or Nurse Practitioner for these cases.

Forms (ie. insurance, disability) are not considered urgent. It is recommended that these are dropped. Wait time is up to 2- 4 weeks. To expedite the process all personal/patient information and signatures should be completed (patient section). Incomplete sections will result in significant delays. Some forms may require an appointment at the provider’s discretion.

Urgents are by booked appointment only. Please see our urgent care hours here.

When to access Urgent Care – see ORANGE section HERE.